Aug 31, 2011

Working in Wonderland - Tour of my space

I love seeing the way people decorate themselves, but I think even more I love to discover the spaces that they live in. I want to know what color you paint your walls, what tchotchkes you have around. What makes you feel good and comfortable?...where do you blog from?!
so I wanted to expose myself and give you a tour of my studio space!

This is what my room (and hair!) used to look like. It was our exercise/movie room, and all those frames had our photography in them. I officially took it over May 2010 and repainted

I was inspired by the Pegasus sequence in the original Fantasia,
and She-Ra's Crystal Castle from the 80s

Puppy prints

Chandelier made from ikea bubble utensils. I love this, its now in the kitchen. I alternate chandeliers in my studio. This is my winter one because it looks like icicles

I have every corner, nook and cranny piled high with the things that give me rushes of emotion and inspired thoughts. Its so fun to bring people into my room and watch them look around in amazement like they are in a planetarium.

I can see how it could be overwhelming, but I know where every little thing is..

My collection of mini teacups and teapots

Birdcage sticker

Its never usually this clean.. my workspot

my apothecary wall.. lots of potions, rocks, crystals and some animal specimens

My prized Domo (I won him) my chocolate scented bunny ears,
Frida, my grandmas jewelery box, a porcelain Daisy Duck, and cupcake jar.

This pic of my studio wall looks like my hair did this past weekend!
(back to bright pink now though)

some other pics...

This is the seat that Im usually blogging from, with the dog right beside me.
Behind me are two 4 foot black lights. I have another one right across from me, and two more small ones under my chair, and on my glass side table.
Basically, my studio looks like a club at night

The wall of necklaces and my glass case (all for sale on etsy)

Thanks for taking the tour! Im honored to have you in my nest~

PS. To answer the question as to "Have you always been like this?"
I give you, my room... in 1999:
“Its fun to go poo at her house because even the bathroom is filled with neat stuff”
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-Happy Autumn Solstice!


  1. I love your studio space, very inspiring. Makes me feel more like fixing mine up, it has been neglected since our little one was born...

  2. Thanks! It definitely helps fuel the creative fire to redo your space or get some new organizers :)