Sep 1, 2011

Autumn & Shadow Box Inspirations

I picked up a few items on our vacation last week...
getting into my darker mood now that fall is coming!

Ganesha Statue

Naturally shed deer antler

Raccoon tail ( on my walking stick)
Native Canadian black crow carving
Mini seashells for jewellery...

Butterfly shadowbox
Doxocopa cherubina from Peru
"Turquoise Emperor Butterfly"

I put together this awesome pocket watch with a dichro earth-like cab
upcycled from my moms old earrings from my childhood ( they were my favorite and I horded them when she was cleaning out one day :D )

I used by my 1916 Websters dictionary in this shadow box display with
some of my more natural and curiously spooky items..
Keys, feathers, bottles, sand, bone, and leaves.

Grandmother wisdom statue

And the mail came in on our anniversary (6 years married!)
My Mermaid ring finally arrived!
Amazing work from Anomaly Jewelery on Etsy

And last one from our hike in the woods near the Bleasdell Boulder in Trenton.
When you are picking mushrooms, try to leave the babies alone, take the older ones. If you use a basket or any container that has airflow, you're actually helping to spread the mushroom spores all along the forest as you walk :)
(never eat anything you find unless you know a mycologist who can confirm it for you!)

Another long weekend fast approaching! Enjoy yourselves!

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