Sep 29, 2011


Ok, this might sound crazy...
but I really dont even mind if I sell my stuff or not.
I check my etsy status everyday just to see how many people "favorite" my stuff and it makes me SQUEEEEEEEEE with joy :D

So having been sick the last few days, Ive been re-cooping my energy..
and then I get zapped like a monster with 100000 volts from an etsyan
(is that what you call us?)

Where do you get the cute little things to put in these boxes? I love your work!
It's very inspiring!

Danielle (click to see her shop!)

*heart flutter*

Im probably like that over eager girl that would call you the hour after our first date or something... but I replied to her right away.

oh gosh thank you! :D
Im a trinket collector, so it really comes from everywhere... LOL The glass bottles are little bead containers, the mushrooms are made from clay, the skull bead is from a bracelet, the books I literally wrote and sew'd together myself, the birdcage is actually from a watch, but it didnt keep time, so I gave it a new home. The globe bead has to be my favorite part though. Its from a pair of earrings that my mom had when I was a KID ( like 10?!) and I always bugged her for them... she finally gave them to me a couple years ago..
I really cant separate my own 'personal affects' and my craft supplies... so I really do put my heart into my stuff :) Thank you so much for the compliments :)

So yeah, Im a huge nerd, and I just love to know that you like my stuff...

oh, and the thing she is talking about?
I want to have you all over for some hot chocolate and homemade crumbly cookies.
Thank you for making me all warm and fuzzy inside

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