Sep 16, 2011

Fall Fairy hunting

We're going on a hike tomorrow!
Ugh, I could wander into the forest and just never come out again..
I am at home under the trees... but Im also home at the beach, in the water, and at home in my cozy chair blogging this stuff...

so I'll just be happy with my hike and my gorgeous pop up books that I got at the Aviary gift shop on our vacation last month.

Im also taking fairy treats to lay around tomorrow
... some homemade banana bread and some honey.. I have no milk or I would take some of that as milk, bread and honey are fairy favorites..

and since I am also going to be cleverly disguised as my wolf self,
they might never even notice me Id love to meet a fairy boy hanging out on a mushroom. <3

Im also going to be gathering many sticks and natural items for more crafting...
Time for an autumn chandelier in my room :)
But now I must go get ready for grocery shopping to get my smokey sweet potato soup ingredients! *sexy dance* I LOVE FALL! xxoo

1 comment:

  1. With your Vaaaast knowledge on faeries, why don't you publish a book on this subject? Kids would love it.