Sep 21, 2011

Happy Autumn Solstice!

That really crept up! I didnt even realize it was today until I was trying to remember why sept 21st is an important day.. time really is speeding up huh?

My moods always change with the seasons... putting away all the bright colors of summer
bringing in something cooler and crisper.
My studio is basically just one giant mood board that I keep re-arranging..
so I thought I'd share this with you :)

Took down my frog painting and added these lovely Papyrus wall hangings..
also added a bunch of glitter to the purple shelf to match the hangings
(you can see the reflective bits on the womans hair highlights)

ok, so we've got glitter, mushrooms, teapots, a mermaid, peach and cat teapot..
yup, those are all the basics for me..

oh and then there is always some form of Frida, honey bees and cake..
mini teapot collections... tiny pink elephants

My new glass case setup. I just couldnt put away my cupcake and candy jars,
so Im using them in my jewellery display.
Hello Kitty is there to represent the new HK charms Im working with
(aka adding to everything cute and pink)

Then there is the apothecary shelf.. glass bottles, animal bones, antlers, feathers
and pages from an old italian book (salvaged paper products are AWESOME)

My Alice in Wonderland shelf had been up for a good year or so...
I was inspired to do a Romeo & Juliet diorama after trying to find a place to hang my grandmas sterling silver rosary, and my mums (MIL) cherub glass jewellery case..
this is what I came up with...

In front of the mini boombox
(which would obviously be playing the soundtrack)
there is a mini gun. It was my Dads, its a working cap gun
its an antique, and Im so curious to try and fire it..but alas, Im a weenie
So it just sits pretty in my display box.

Also rearranged the apothecary shelves a bit..

Broken/chipped teacups? Too pretty to throw away?
Hellloooo little pots for baby succulents or anything else that need a wee home!

And lastly, a super hipster photo of our view.
Enjoy your autumn skies!

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