Sep 20, 2011

It aint easy being vegan...

I know firsthand.. I was a raw vegan a couple years ago.
I continue to not eat most meat.
Now and then my body asks me for some chicken or fish.
And I will enjoy some cheese with fresh bread or on a pizza, but its bad for my skin.
I use leather products and I make jewellery with feathers.
For the longest time, I would avoid even touching these products.

It is not the demand for leather that is creating the use of animals for food.
I dont agree with having to kill something to eat it PERIOD
But that is the way our mother nature has created us..
we live off the land in one way or another.
Just be mindful of your impact, and be thankful.
Honor all life, especially your own!

I watch my consumption, and if there is a vegan option, I'll usually take it
(vanilla almond milk is amazing)
Just start small, think every step, not the whole picture.. dont worry about labels
(vegan? vegetarian? raw vegan? breatharian? zombie?)
labels are for tin cans.. You need to listen to your body and do what feels right.
Stay fluid, you are always changing and require different things at different times.

Ahem.. sorry...

what was my point?

Oh yeah.. vegan earrings! Cool...

A faux feather option for the fashionable ;)
say soycheeeeese!


1 comment:

  1. Used 2B a vegan for 13 years...
    Now part time non-vegetarian :D
    (just 3 days/week)
    When someone kills plants, they feel pain too. It's the law of nature that one species eats another in order to survive.
    To be this way or, that... (veg/non-veg) is just personal preference.