Sep 29, 2011

Soup, Sleep and Show and tell...

Hey have you seen my bedroom (aka technically dining room) wall mural?

just spent the last 2 days right here in bed...

I would complain, but Ive got a great nurse who helps keep me warm

and Im about to have some bland campbells veggie soup..
Ive been craving it, plus an Everything bagel with some paper thin slices of cheddar cheese.

And I hear that like, everyone else is sick too... so I hope you feel better!
LOTS of rest, sweat it out, shower as much as you can, and LIQUIDS ONLY for a faster recovery :)

oh and while Im at it... here is a pic of the tat I got a couple weeks ago, finally healed up
The original design is taken from the mayan Temple of the Feathered Serpent..
it was adapted into an ouroboros..
I have no idea who originally did this, but I used their design

hmm... and now after looking that up for you, I see an image from the theosophical society, and Im going to have to do a post about it soon on Its a Gut Feeling
(the other place I blog at about leaning to listen to your gut and intuition, hidden histories, documentaries, occult things...basically all the stuff im into that doesnt pertain to my own works or creation)


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