Sep 3, 2011

Things you'd find at the beach

I picture this necklace on a mermaid just lounging around in the kelp on a warm breezy day.
Or maybe as a fresh flower necklace put together by a woman who wandered the beach all day looking for shells and glass.

But really it was me who was dreaming of oceans and breezes and sunshine.
So I carefully gathered my beads and made a necklace that sounds like a seashell windchime when you walk.

1 comment:

  1. Nice Turquoise (or, howlite, I cant tell!) necklace.
    I have with me several Turquoise and chalcedony beads... which have very small holes. I tried to insert copper wire/thread in them to no avail. Can you tell me a way to widen holes in stone beads?