Oct 26, 2011

Fairy Box and Fairy House.. Happy Bday Mom!

Its my Moms birthday today!
I am planning something big for her for Christmas, so I didnt make her anything spectacular this year for her birthday. I would tell you what I DID make her,
but I dont know if she opened it yet, so I better not ;)

My Mom has always had a collection of things...
Shes collected angels, wolves, pigs, ducks, roosters, and Fairies over the years...
(and many other things, the apple didnt fall very far ;)
It was for her birthday 2 years ago, that I came up with the idea of a
Fairy Box.
A 3D container scrapbook if you will...
a space to put all the treasures that you find..

I cant be the only one who picks up feathers and stones,
shells, and maybe bones. Half a baby blue egg, even a butterfly wing...
A collection of Fairy Box things!

On the lid I put her initial, a key and chain, lots of pearls and flowers,
some real amber, gold powder and more

butterflies and mushrooms, and of course a bird (its a mirror!)
and a tiny little teacup inside

"Keep your Fairy folk happy, by collecting small objects, and storing them in your Fairy Box"

Then for her birthday last year, I made my first Fairy House!
I make these things because I have FUN making them...
I transform into a wee one, and I feel like Im living in the spaces I make..

I collected and painted the twigs, rolled up some cardboard
and covered it in birch paper for the tree
The stem of the house I made from just plain green painters tape, it worked out so well!

mushrooms everywhere, as usual

and of course, some Fairy birthday cake with glitter topping..

I hope to make more of these in the very near future,
Im in the mood to explore the forest floor...

I also have to get more done on my Moms Christmas present...
Im more like an elf than anything else! :)

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