Oct 28, 2011

Feather Earrings and summer things

Happy Friday!
Some random pics for you :)

So here is the kind of custom orders I would love to do...
Yeeeaahh, well....
Feather jewelry for bird owners!
I made this for my mom in the summer, but the photos got lost until now..
I asked her for some of her Luis' feathers, so she cruelly yanked them from his tail..
wait, what?
Nooooo...relax, these were all shed naturally :)
I actually force my mom to keep all the "pretty feathers" that fall around his cage,
and I keep them in a bottle on my apothecary shelves.
Im a crazy lady..

Some pics of my room at night... did you know about the 4x4 foot blacklight bulbs?
Its almost like a tanning salon in my room...

a 360 shot that Craig took with his iSomething..

I was looking through random pics from summer..
WAAAH! It went so quickly... :(

I got to pet a Beluga named Secord, it was AWESOME.

I also got to pet stingrays again!

also awesome was just sitting on the balcony and drawing in my sketchbook..
I never thought I'd put my thighs on the internet..
Conquer all fears! LOL

Thats all for now! This weekend Im workin on a new diorama,
and maybe taking the pics of a bunch of new chains I made...
lots of lower priced stuff, so everyone can have some fun!

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