Nov 8, 2011

Hibernation & Home

Am I the only one who has been REALLY tired recently?
I could sleep allllll day...
It also doesnt help that our sleeping quarters feels like a resort.
Create paradise at home and you'll never have to go on vacation :)

Since our 2 bedrooms are now art studios, no other place for the bed, but the dining room..
but it works

no other place for the dining room, but the end of the living room...

Home Library, heck YES!
Read books, smash the TV.
80s stereo and record player... so hip it hurts
calming noise from the waterwall
This picture is actually a skirt, in a frame, on my wall. Proceed.
black spatters on the ceiling and floor...

chrome palm tree with christmas lights ( my real palm died on me)
most of the plants are in for winter.. the kale is still outside.
Im determined to not fall into the seasonal depression thing this year. Gunna get lots of sunshine beaming in the windows, keep the air warm and moist...
Also feeding the birds this year, so some cheerful chirping should help too :)

Only 6 months till spring.

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