Nov 6, 2011

Mini Tattoo Studio

We've been going to the same tattoo artists for 8 years now
and we think they're pretty awesome people.
So as a gift, I made them a mini replica of their new studio
Fineline Tattoo 1662 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto.

I painted the outside of the box to match the walls of their old place..

right down to the black skull curtains and the bars on the windows..
(and the no whining sign LOL)

Maggie loves Betty Boop and turtles. I painted the one on the wall to match hers exactly.
She's got a shelf of toys and figurines that people have given to her. One of them is Maggie from the Simpsons, riding on the back of a turtle.

my favorite part are the mini paper towel rolls on each station

John has a Japanese mask that hangs from the ceiling, its got a long mane of real hair...its pretty crazy looking. I only had partial pictures of it, so I recreated it to the best of my memory, with a skull, some fangs and feathers for hair..

Lucky 13, Tim Hortons coffee mug and, of course, a sharps container

A mini tattoo machine made from a sewing machine charm, the power supply is a black house from a monopoly game that Ive painted and added buttons to..
(same with the yellow sharps container)

We've been to their house for a BBQ one time, so we know that they've got lots of framed beetles and other things, so I included Johns scorpion in lucite, and 2 snake vertebra in a bottle

This is the first gift Ive done for someone other than family, so it was really cool to give it to them and see their reactions... they said that they would keep an eye open for mini things when they travel around. We're going back again in Dec for more work :)
If you're ever in the area, check them out! (Dont plan on a walk in appt though, they are usually booked 2 weeks in advance...rightfully so! :)

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