Nov 9, 2011


UGH, so happy!
Ive been trying to figure out a name for my little... creation thing...
whatever this is...
Pink Lotus is my jewellery, not my store..
it came to me as I was working on a new diorama.

It is the name of my favorite store from childhood ('95)
I lived in a strange place, this little hippie store was so out of the way..
so wonderfully placed right at my doorstep, I had to pass them every time I went anywhere.
My first tie-dye shirt, my first patch, the little silver letter necklaces on black cord...
my wallet chain, mushroom candle... these AMAAAAZING daisy bobby pins that I still have..

YESSS! Im so excited, and it feels so right..
now to finish crafting and get to re-branding all the banners and such :)
Oh and here is that lil bee that I got last saturday while at the Shop

As for the name, you didnt think I was going to tell you yet ... did you!?! MUAHAHAH

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