Nov 25, 2011

Your pudding can be vegan and have fiber tooo!!!!

beastie boys

You might think its weird that Im posting a recipe on my art and studio blog,
but food is a medium as well! Who says a recipe cant be art!

Plus, I think exposing people who might not regularly go out and search for such odd things as
might be surprised when they find this and try it...
and to get the right attention, Im just going to throw in the following phrases:

Because this pudding really is all of these..

I first learned of this recipe from Renee Loux in Go Furthur (the tour down the west coast with Woody Harrelson and a bus load of hippies) Awesome movie by the way..

First, you take 3 very ripe and room temperature avocados
(this is a great way to use up ones that are almost overripe)

Did you know that a medium sized avo has 12 GRAMS of fiber?!? One cup of oat bran has 14... so this is amazing to say the least. You've also got a bunch of healthy fats in there... 20 out of the 30 grams of fat in avos are healthy... and if you are slightly pudgy to begin with, these healthy fats will actually HELP you burn the bad fats in your body... so no low fats diets for you please!!

Now, this is where you might start to freak out, Im going to list a bunch of 'speciality' raw food items that you might not have on hand. Fret not... you can always try to replace or just simply omit something if its not in your cupboard

For my variation of this recipe, you will need:

1/4-1/3 cup cocoa powder (how chocolatey do you love your chocolate?)
1/2 cup maple syrup ( or 4 dates soaked in water, or some honey)
1/4 cup coconut oil at room temperature. Another healthy fat!
a pinch of sea salt I love to use my special blend of black, red and pink salts
1 tbsp alcohol free vanilla extract
Why alcholol free? Because this is a no bake recipe... in regular baking, the alcohol is evaporated with the heat, but with this recipe, you would be tasting it... and that wouldn't be very good.
If you dont have any, scrape out a vanilla bean...and if you've got none of those, the chocolate will just have to do on its own.

Take all these things, put them in your food smusher (blender, processor... whatever really..)
Smush till brown and AWESOME

Im sorry I didnt make that sound very appealing...but you shouldnt need an appetite for
healthy vegan chocolate pudding!
Spoon into dessert bowls and chill for 1 hour.
(ok, I see you, person who is going to eat the whole thing right now!)

I served mine with some strawberries that were frozen, but I put in the dehydrator with a cover on them, so they got all warm and liquidy, so I smushed them up too and spooned them on top.

As for taste you ask? The texture is a bit like cooked pudding (which I used to love)
and the taste is rich, clean and somewhat green... you can taste the freshness.
It will win the hearts of non vegans, I promise..
And this is why I am an artist/crafter rather than a food blogger.
Enjoy your smushy pudding!

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