Dec 13, 2011

Darkness falls

Its the dark days of winter...
you can tell, because my hair has gone from bright pink to a dark purple-pink fade.
A time to go within and reflect on yourself and your life.
Emotions buried deep within will come to the surface to warm up...
dont be scared of them, invite them in for some hot cocoa and a chat,
they'll be gone soon enough..

I love darkness... I love daylight too, but I was born at 11:20 pm,
I am a night owl through and through...

Born on the waning crescent moon (like my logo!)
I love the black blanket sky, the twinkling lights

The dark is soft and cozy, all encompassing. You can see things in the dark that you normally cannot see in the bright daylight

I can make the stars shine on my walls, spin all around

Some colors go to sleep in the dark, but others come alive...

Jello enjoying a nap in his technicolor wonderland

crystals become lights on their own..

some things look more magical and mysterious

mushrooms grow in the dark
Goddess flags looks so much better lit up and honored with pearls
Even the purple green man likes to party

Its no surprise that we need our friends and family the most right now...
dont let the holidays get you down..
let go of your expectations,
remember your commitment to healthy living
balance yourself by having a treat when you want it.. its no time to beat yourself up.

Ive been a very busy bee, but I cant tell you anything Ive been working on until
AFTER Christmas.... I cant wait to show you my recycled work!
~kelly XO

1 comment:

  1. Your darkness philosophy sounds like the
    Ratri Sukta (Hymn to the Night) of the Vedas.
    Thanks for this nice post.