Dec 1, 2011

Deck the Halls + My First Diorama

Oh yesterday....
Started off on the wrong foot...
Heard the mailman come and drop a package in my door...
it was the one I had mailed to the UK 2 days ago!

Luckily I had to go back and mail something else anyway...
Look outside, and the first blizzard of the year looks like its happening
OH well, got everything sorted out, came home and put on some old Christmas records on.
Yes, I mean old vinyl.
Did I never show you our dinosaur?

Dean Martin Christmas, Perry Como, Kenny & Dolly, ELVIS.... oh yes

so I got out the box of decorations, and my day got a little brighter...
woke the dog up, and laughed till my tummy ached ...

Started putting out all the Christmas tchotchkes that I have..

Found my very first diorama! I was so excited to show you!
I was probably 5 or so when I made it (just going by the drawing in the background)
Its a medicine tin (dad always had TONS) with green construction paper, and some Christmas cupcake toppers. I think that other santa is some kind of collectable, its very thin plastic and its hollow, so its somewhat delicate.
My lovely tree and flower in the back.. Maybe I wasnt feeling the season back then..
Back to decorating the house. We're not putting up the tree this year....
A little bit out of mourning for all our lost family members (my Dad, and both Craigs parents)
and a little bit because we are getting new windows in the near year, and Im already stressing about having to move all that stuff around...

I was sad that I wouldnt get to display our ornament collection though... every year we do a photo ornament, and we each buy one other one that we like.. so I rigged up this bamboo stick and displayed them over the doorway!

We have this awesome ornament that let us record Grissom saying I love you..

Buddha loves christmastime
Christmas for me is not so much about the gifts, or the whole Jesus thing (raised Catholic, currently... Enjoying all Cultures and aspects of life :)
For me, its just about remembering my childhood, the smells the music and the decorations...
See, this is why single pane glass windows are not good. Yay '60s architecture!

The stockings are hung by the fig tree with care
Santa Bear sits under the kale plants

Frosty welcomes the snow

Holiday trinkets abound

Mr Hanky says Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night :)

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