Feb 8, 2012

Fly Away Bird necklace and pin

I finally listed the piece that really started it all
(or actually a new version of it)
Once upon a time, in June 2011, we took our dog to Woofstock..
A photographer lady came up to me and asked if she could take our picture together
and then she started asking me about my necklace...
(this is a print screen of her site, and I added the text, I dont own this image..)

I had been making and selling my stuff to friends, family and friends of friends,
(paypal checkout codes for each and every item... I dont even want to think about it)
I had never tried selling online...

This is a new version of the necklace I was wearing (mine is pink, so it matches my hair)

A laser cut bird mirror, with a hanging birdcage..

The bird is simply pinned to the necklace, so you just remove it when you want a brooch instead!

~kelly xo

(ps. never ever give up on your dreams... Ive been slinging beads since 2004, and even though I havent seen massive sales or big fame and success, I am so happy to still be doing what I love... thats the only reason you will fail - if you dont put your heart into it)

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