Feb 24, 2012

New things

Trip to the bead store with my love yesterday!
(hes on vacation from work)

I was hoping to get more of the moon and star pendants but they were out of stock..
I found them online though, so I'll soon have 6 silver ones, and 4 more gold ones in my shop.

I did get a nice pentacle which I made into this triple goddess necklace

and some other fun charms as well..

Pyrite cubes and glass crystals

Swarovski hearts in chrysolite or mint opal and a color that I would call lavender milk tea :)

and some amazing mermaid crystals that I can't wait to work with :D

Im also quite eager to get back to making more weird necklace art!
My dino necklace is off to a new home so Im craving to get into my trinkets and go crazy

sent off a bunch of packages that were delayed since last week and having the windows done
and showing off my new hello kitty knee tattoo that Im in love with :)

Hope to be posting again soon with many new creations!
~kelly xo

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