Feb 6, 2012

Snow White and the poison apple diorama

I've been secretly working on this one for about a month now..
A custom order Snow White diorama

lets see if we can name all the dwarves (honestly, I forgot Doc, I thought he was happy)

This is Doc...






and of course Grumpy

At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the inside, so I got the DVD from the library and watched it agian... I knew right away once I saw the Queens apothecary...
(no wonder I turned out like I did!)

Skull, books, pet crow, crystal ball..

a cauldron filled with green poison over a real flickering fire pit

Poison apple and the sword from the heart box

a sneaky rat watching from below ( and a jar of lizard legs)

I wanted to make it look like a very old book, so I painted it in many layers and then sanded it down. Its lined with metallic gold paint just like the vintage books I remember

and on the back cover, a picture of the far away castle where her prince is..

This was a fun challenge, I had never thought to do a Snow White diorama... I was flooded with ideas that I didnt get to put into practice (like the heart box that the queen has)
Maybe in the future...
~kelly xo

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