Mar 18, 2012

Dream Land

oooooh this piece. This was a test for me.. right from the beginning.. (3 months ago)
I'll be the first to say that I dont find painting or drawing that easy.
Collage art is my forte for sure. Working with things that already exist,
Im not very good at pulling ideas out of the ether.

With this piece, I was inspired to just try and let it flow.
I got the idea to film myself as I painted, just to see what it looked like.

this is right before I did one move with a popsicle stick that 'ruined' the whole thing :\

But I kept on, and it turned out alright, but I wasn't super happy with it..

A starry snowstorm

The whole idea started out as a landscape, night time in winter.
A house with a white picket fence, and glittering icicles hanging from the roof.
I was trying to keep the landscape fairly plain, just glittery, and the main focus would be the lights that would glow from the windows at night..

but then some months went by, and I still wasnt happy with it...
so I decided to just go all out and make it a crazy childlike dreamland
with lights that glow from the windows at night.

a little child with angel wings, dragging his teddy bear, comes up to the door of the house in dreamland..
everything is nonsense, the flowers have pink googly eyes, there are giant ice cream cones, and fountains..

moons and stars and hearts with wings... plently of nonsensical things!
mushrooms growing on the roof..
little bears in elephant suits..

fuzzy purple bats and pink popsicles
a hello kitty tanktop in a tiny glassbottle ( this is dreamland, it doesnt have to make sense ;)

the princess and her giant milkshake

one of my favorite parts is the fish swimming through the air, with the crystals and chains hanging in the background.. and the teeny tiny hidden bikini sticker :D
mermaid in a bathtub
flamingo and a bottle of soap (reminds me of the My Little Pony house I had as a child :)

brontasaurus on the balcony having a spot of tea, with her faux fur coat.

a happy little mouse and her cake

A garden of amethyst crystals with bunny and cat heads, a giant pink daisy
(which is moms old earring of course)

a view from under the crystal gardens, you can see some ice a glitter on the ground.

and the underside of the house is covered with ice and glitter and glowing little ants..
day view
night view ( LED christmas lights- battery pack with a little switch)
so it was finished... or so I thought... I wanted to just make some small changes here and there...
but now Im not so sure. I was ready to find a frame with french curls, and maybe paint it a nice contrasting color.
But after today, ugh, I think I just want to salvage what I can from it. Its too busy, or not busy enough in certain places. Its so hard when your art doesnt work out.. you start to doubt everything.
Im mad at myself for not leaving it as is.. Im mad to have to call it a failure...
I guess its never a failure as long as you learn, and I did get some very good lessons out of the whole experience.

on to the next adventure!!
~kelly xo


  1. This is fantastic!
    What did you use to get the windows to light up?
    good job x

    1. thank you! They are battery operated LED christmas lights