Mar 13, 2012

Hello Kitty!

You guys saw my new tattoo, right?

Ive always been a little Hello Kitty crazy...

my collection of kitties

I was soooo excited when I did get my hands on some HK charms to finally
bring two of my loves together :D

This one is reversible!

I decided to max out the HK factor and ship it in a Hello Kitty container too! :D

mind my puffy sleep face please,
I threw on a bra to take pics for you to show you how it looks on a people ;)

and flipped

or, if you think you cant pull off the Hello Kitty stuff, I also added some
with plain ol' Swarosvki crystals

and thats about all of the etsy stuff for now, just some other pics for good measure :)

Tiki man got a spray of blue , I think he looks much better :)

Frida lamp, lava lamp and a giant Peony

pompom apothecary jar
(they are sooo soft, I cant resist putting my hand in and just smoooshing it all around)
Better than candy!

Succulents in a teacup

Jewelry wall :)

this one is from a few weeks ago when I was jumping around on the bed wearing my wings

my hair when it was half blue half yellow half weird..
My little Pony Hair!

and as a hint of whats to come, here is a brontosaurus in a faux fur coat, having tea on the balcony.
*pinky in the air*

Peace Love and Lotus Fairy dust!
~kelly xo

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