Mar 9, 2012

Midnight Moonlight necklaces - in silver!

My moons finally arrived!
Ive listed 3 of these for now, I have 3 more waiting to be made...

this one (my favorite) is up for grabs first

and one more brass one (I have 3 more of these also)

I love these pendants so much because they look like the earring that I used to make my logo..
Yes, my moms earring of course!
Check them out on my meditation pillow
(which I now have plenty of room for since taking the couch out of the room)

and hey, while you're here, check out my awesome new ring!
I didnt make this, nor do I sell it .. I just own it ;D
back to bright pink hair by the way!

more awesome stuff coming soon!
~kelly xxoo


  1. What is that beautiful red-orange crystal that you "own"?

    1. its actually... PLASTIC!!! It was just too beautiful to pass up :)