Mar 31, 2012

Summertime Fairy Box

The weatherrrrr....
It teases me with summer breezes
I've been in such a mermaid / beach bunny mood recently.

I put together this little ocean in a bottle with the sand Mom brought home from her brief stop in Cancun in feb.
( Thanks again to Linda for going in the water to get the "best" sand for me :)

Super inspired by the Spring Summer Versace Prints, and this random seashell photo floating around tumblr
(if you know the source, please msg me!)

(I was suuuuper inspired by this image that I saw on Tumblr...
I just recently found out that its from an etsy listing as well! check it out here! )

So I decided to make a Mermaid Fairy Box...

What is a Fairy box really? It is just a pretty place to keep your treasures.
Here are some of the things that I have kept in my fairy boxes...
A blue Robins eggshell, a piece of coral, a twig with a vine twisted around it, a silver feather, tiny crystals or rocks, a friendship bracelet, love notes, keys or other found things...
Anything that is special to you, and captures your heart..
a soft piece of fabric, a concert ticket, a pressed flower
This Fairy Box was made for someone who loves to spend most of their time on the beach,
daydreaming or not,
in the Sun Surf and Sand.

Pre decorated with treasures to help inspire a dreamers heart..

Heart shaped orange agate stone, with jar of moss and seashells and fishnet
flip flops and nautilus shell
Summer lace and snowcones..
sanddollars and the boardwalk

and a coral reef of color and trinkets on the lid

I use a seashell stopper to keep the box from tipping over when you open it,
so you can display it open if you like.


You can check out the original Fairy Box that I made for my mom here...
I'll be making more of them soon !
~kelly xo

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