Jun 18, 2012

Container Garden - one month mark

WOW! I cant believe its officially SUMMER in 2 days!!!!!
Eating lots of fruit, and soaking up as much warm weather as I can

(golden kiwi heart)
I am a summer bunny beach lover give me sunshine all day everyday
more sun more fruits more fresh water... SUMMMMMMMERRR!
I love the rain too...but after the sun, let the big clouds roll in and water my garden for me..

I planted exactly one month ago... this year was 3 weeks earlier than the last two, so Im very happy!

a lovely lady bug enjoying some banana pepper flower pollen..
she wanted nothing to do with the tasty aphids I was trying to introduce her to ...

second berry of the year, the first one always goes to the fairies

my tiny little lettuce mix, my how you've GROWN!

same goes for the red cabbages! I just read the planting reccomendation for these...
24 inches apart. HAAHAH not here! I will have to be very good with watering them as they seem to suck up a lot during the day

my kales, radishes, orange tree (thats a fake little orange that you see) and lettuce mix
purple and pink fuchsias

baby radishes!
lolla rossa lettuce mix... so delicate.
This will be for my fruit salads with GREENS! yes, always find more ways to eat your greens!!
With lime juice is divine!
Purslane is amazing for you! Read this article and you will never toss it aside as a 'weed' again!
Ive been growing mine for 3 years now, all from some seeds that I found at the side of the road!
Big purple beauty.. They say this kind will reach 3 lbs.. We're thinking of using the large leaves for raw tacos :)

Thats all the garden Ive got for you now :) Have some chalk wall art:
Ive really been loving mono eating...
if you ever get a chance to try these mini ataulfo mangos, grab 2 bunches, you will not regret it!
They are the most delicious little things Ive ever tasted.

~ xo peace love and sunshine babes! ~

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