Jun 6, 2012

Yellow Birds & Bees

Wow... its June 2012
I cant believe Ive spent 9 years of my life with this fabulous man right here...

Last weekend would have been Craigs Moms 62nd Birthday..
we went out to eat, and I wore the purple poncho that she knit for me..

Miss you Mum.. Farmers market is open now and we'd be heading over to get lots of yums
and you would be planning to make me the tomato tarte that I love ~ xo

Its been a strange week, with the eclipse and venus transit happening...Ive tried to create, but Ive spent more of my time re-learning from old mistakes.
I photographed some of the pieces again, I think they look better :)

I also made a triple finger hand chain :)

This morning I had one of my Lisa Frank vitamins,
and decided to do a dress up photoshoot

Big girls dont cry...
they werk it ( like Nadia Aboulhosn!)

why did dress up time ever stop?
why is it so important to be taken SERIOUSLY?

so.. this is my outfit..
fresh dye in my hair (great timing)
PEI Sushi Hat
a yellow black and white 80s matador jacket that I think someone made
green & blue striped skirt from Material Girl
Knee High neon socks from Journeys
Grandma heels ?
Bumble bee purse/bathroom travel caddy.

I didnt put on any jewelry, but if I did it would have been the pizza slice ring

and maybe the lime hoop earrings from the shop..
or theeeese!
80s stars and stripes and I added the Ankh charms

and you cant see it, but Ive got this taped to the bottom of the mirror in the yoga room..
We've made the living room, basically our yoga studio
My Goddess flag banner with red and green feather earring from the goddess Hipporacle

Buddha, bookcases and altar with meditation pillows and tarot cards

The outdoor garden is coming along very well..
but I wanted to show you my growing green onions and sprout corner

~kelly xo

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