Jul 26, 2012

Staycation Sale & Summer Love

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So here is a little nostalgic story explaining the purpose behind this month long sale...

We got married on August 26, 2005..
awwww *hearts*

Two years ago, we started the tradition of our Summer Staycation!
Basically, on a budget, we plan an anniversary week of trips to our favorite places in the city..

Here are some of our journeys from the last two years..

Visiting the Graffiti in our old neighborhood..

fortune telling photos
Craigs beard is now that length, and I have that Mayan Ouroboros on my arm!

Downtown @OCAD - Ontario College of Art and Design and a cloudy CN tower peeking out..

Hollowed out tree at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)
You can actually get free passes from the Toronto Library for this place!

Toronto Zoo - We got free admission from using Air Miles points :)

what is life without BeaverTail? (this is the oreo one)

this is where we got my $1 anniversary mood ring..
I actually wear it as my wedding ring since it reminds me of our summer fun <3

Then our trip to the CNE...
if you buy your tickets online ahead of time, you save $4 each and can bypass the lineups..
and you get a free pizza slice coupon too...
I never play the games, but I had to try Whack a Mole since Domo was the prize

I love to check out the sand sculptures competition, some of the farm animals, the dog show,
and the vendors that come from around the world to set up shop
I could spend hours and LOTS of dollars there
(they have EVERYTHING you could think of... )

so much to see and do! When you buy the CNE ticket, you also get admission to Ontario place too
waterpark, mini golf, lots of kids stuff ..

I always check the events calender and plan the trip on the best day..
we got to see Burtons Alice in Wonderland outside on the big screen - Free! :)

Do something good for your neighborhood..
Pick up a bag of trash while taking your dog for a walk!
15 + karma points ;)

also do lots of hikes....
gotta make sure the dog is good and tired so he just sleeps the days that hes not with us..

wild edibles! I feel so blessed when I find things like this!
These berries are delicious..

Rubus odoratus (Purpleflowering raspberry)

^pictured with mulberries

my first wild bone findings... raccoon jaw and teeth


Next we had some pre-paid passes for the Island Ferry

the view of T.O doesnt get much better than the ferry ride...

my favorite eating spot, outside under a massive tree canopy
The Rectory Cafe
This is where we like to have our 'expensive anniversary meal'
but its not that expensive at all. Meals, dessert and drinks are about $75

then a nice long stroll to get to the centre island to see the animals,
more mini golf , gardens, and the sky ride

you get to fly over Centreville and even over a part of the lake..

Then there is the Franklin the Turtle Garden.

then an awesome picnic dinner on the beach.
hard to believe you are still in Toronto!

and a great view while you wait for your ferry chariot to return you to the mainland.
(the return trip is free)

So thats a Staycation!
Hoping to go back to the island this year, and if possible the CNE...
The rest will be a FREEcation!

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~kelly xo