Jul 6, 2012

Fruit Mandalas and Glitter Bat Ladies

There is only one thing that can drag me out of my tiny gloriously air conditioned room
on a day when it is 35°+ with the humidex ...
(ok two things... the pool is one of them)

I will drag myself out in the heat to go buy ...
Its so abundant at the market right now, we always buy a lot.

I feel like im trying to eat it all up now, and store the sunshine for the coming winter
But lets not think about that..
lets just bask in the juicy fruit art I made yesterday :)
Watermelon, Honeydew, Golden Honeydew, ataulfo mangos, guavas,
blood oranges, lemons, limes, golden kiwis,
strawberries and avocados

add in some zucchini and red pepper

this kind of Turtle soup would be much more my taste
(watermelon, cucumber, kiwi and there is a lime under there too)

eat the sun

and just because its cute, last years cherry tomato rainbow

Now some more coloful stuff that isnt in the shop yet, but will be soon.
If you see anything you want, just contact me via my facebook page and I'll list it for you :)

neon glitter leaf earrings

Earth Dichro on blue chain

a red liquid filled needle + pen brooch

3 tails necklace

Zebra Coffin necklace
This one is in my store already .. its called

I really love the creepy bat head

and .. the Bat Ladies!

I had to keep this one for myself, I just love her eyes!

Lady Bunny Bat's body glows in the dark or under blacklight
Lady Icicle 's body also glows
three lovely ladies

I also made my first treasury on etsy.. called Neon Hippie, you can check it out here

stay cool and hydrated!
xo ~kelly

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