Jul 23, 2012

Mushrooms and Anemones

photo hump, dump a lump...
my Smurfette heart purse from '84
The Fae have blessed me with lots of mushrooms this week

Fairy Tea Party with glitter mushrooms

my favorite necklace made from a $2 key chain..
the center of the heart spins and the other side has a Koala on it

You know Craig proposed to me on a boat cruise in Sydney Harbor overlooking the Opera House :)
That was March 5th 2004!!!

Trying on things for fun..tangerine dream
So, I have a favorite curl, and this is it..

Three Rat Kings with Rhinestone eyes
and moon jewels on their foreheads

Mushroom spore print art

Lisa Frank Acid Sunrise
(un-edited photo!)

Cherries are stone fruit.. those are suspicious smiles.
Gift from feathered friends!
Coral bones earring

pink and grey orchids in my world

the pavement is dry in this photo... the sky was on fire
Squashed berry lemonade

Know Your Octopi

Protect the Jellyfish

Growing bone collection shelf
rabbit hair, squirrel teeth, snake vertebra, raccoon teeth,
snake skin, squirrel skull, cat (?) skull

tiny teeth

Hope you are enjoying summer!!
Ok, Bye :)

~kelly xo

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