Jul 3, 2012

Summer swing

July is heeeeeere!
The colors, the greens, the baby animals..
We've been taking full advantage of the sunshine
getting a bus pass every weekend and going lots of places

almost hard to believe this exists in Toronto...

G man travels very well on the bus.. loves to look out the windows :)
almost a full moon @ the Beaches boardwalk

I feel like a flower :)

I love to see all the things they grow at the zoo..
bananas and citrus

A mama and her four baby peacocks
Baby Hudson

more gardens with coffee and melons

and now back to our garden!
I pulled a bunch of things today...

we lost our fig tree, and 4 strawberry plants to that nasty fungus that came in on the grape vine..

the cucumbers vines are looking good.. we have lemon cucumbers and regular ones

baby banana peppers ..

a tiny radish harvest.. we had a big aphid problem that attacked my gardening self esteem..
so it took me a couple days to come up with a solution
(or rather, do what my mom suggested..)

Ive been spraying organic dishsoap water on them and it seems to be working!
I use the Shoppers brand, but any eco friendly one will do..
Just squirt some soap into a mister bottle, fill 1/3 full of warm water and shake shake shake
this will make it really foamy and it will really stick to the plants

I feel good after getting the bugs under control.. I pulled all our lettuce out (aphids)
Transplanted the kale, moved the planters around .. and now I'll be replanting
the lettuce and more radishes.

I think the bugs are telling me to get fertilizing! Im still winging it,
Im really bad at remembering to feed my garden!
Moreso, the things that I have to feed it, make the balcony stink like a
hot day on the beach when the tide has gone out and all the dead fish are rotting in the sun.

I wish I could tell you I grew these bright little babies, but i didnt, I just wanted to show you and inspire you :)

lots more jewelry pics coming soon!Aphids
Check out my facebook page if you want to see albums of my past work
and faster updates about whats going on in the shop

I appreciate each and every one of your likes, comments, favorites and follows :)

~summer love~
kelly xo

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