Aug 8, 2012

Crystal Energy Forest Hike

Sunrise in the garden, a little bee and its shadow

Monday was a holiday and what a PERFECT day for a hike..
The weather is starting to cool off just enough

The cicadas are everywhere

We headed to our favorite spot in the ravine
I packed my bag full of crystals, some of my personal jewelry, my tarot cards and other things I wanted to charge with the forest energy. I also took bread and honey, and a crystal gift for the fae :)

i might have taken a bit too much, my pack weighed 20 lbs... but great workout on a 5+ mile hike!

I love little raccoon paws
hidden fort

a gift from the fae!! And so many teeth left!! AHHH!
Raccoon skull to add to my collection

Ganesha among the purple mushrooms

Sitting by the water on a crystal clear day

heart leaf pond
all my loves in one picture :)
he used to hate to get his feet wet
but now he seems to somewhat enjoy it..

cute little neon green bug ..

my crystal vibing out in the moss

a tea party for the fae
I put the bread and honey on a tree stump and the flies came to enjoy it.. then I hung this crystal hiigh up on a little tree.. hopefully in the mornings the sun will shine on it and make rainbow light in the forest

charging by the water..

Auralite 23 and mossy toadstools

pink water lilies..
The difference between the water lily and the lotus is that the lilies petals will rest of the surface of the water, wheras the lotus will rise out of the water by a foot or more. The lotus' petals are also more rounded and loose
as opposed to a pointed water lily petal

A little otter was running around on the rocks.. these stills are from the video, but it actually came right over to within 3 feet of us and poked its head up to say hi :)

Giant hibiscus

At night just after sunset, I could see a triangle in the sky
I went to check Stellarium and as it turns out, this triangle is formed by Saturn on top, Mars to the left and Virgo's brightest star, Spica. What a coincidence on the same day as the Mars Rover landing!
And by coincidence, I mean WOW they really planned that one well!

~kelly xo

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