Aug 24, 2012

Frida and Female power

I never cared much for art history... not going to blame anyone,
but you can only study the group of Seven for so long...

I knew about Frida, and I knew a little about her life, but it wasnt until fall of 2010 that I picked up some books about her, and really learned the story of Frida Kahlo.

She came to me at a time when I was just shifting my room
(formerly our TV/workout room) into a craft studio.
She came to me in a time when I was sick in bed for a whole month,
and I got to read everything about her.

Frida Kahlo became one of my biggest inspirations.

 I was SO EXCITED to find these awesome silver charms of her artwork.
I literally ripped open the mail and sat down and made this bracelet yesterday..

Each charm represents one of her paintings or part of her life;
dancing skeletons for her and Diego
Hummingbird from 'Self Portrait with Thorn necklace and Hummingbird'
Scissors from 'Self Portrait with Cropped Hair'
Arrow from ' The Wounded Deer'
Hand earrings given to her by Pablo Picasso

“Never before had a woman put such agonizing poetry on canvas as Frida did.”

and I made myself a necklace version to wear to the Art Gallery today
(we're going to see the Picasso exhibit, but the Frida and Diego exhibit begins in October!!)

Im off to enjoy the Picasso exhibit!
Dont forget the Summer Sale runs until next friday!
SS2012 upon checkout!!

xo ~kelly

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