Aug 18, 2012

Magic Mushroom land, an homage to Pip & Pop

So, Im not lucky enough to be living in Australia (yet).. but if I were there,
this is where I would be living...
This is Magicland...
actually, "We Miss You Magicland" an installation by artists Pip & Pop ,
at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane

Favorite. Artists. Hands down. Ever... Wow.

(not my photos)


So I decided to make my own Mushroom Magic Land in homage ...

You can only get to Mushroom Magic Land a very specific way..
and I cant tell you how, you have to figure it out for yourself..
its not hard, and anyone can do it!
You fly in over the cream soda ocean, and end up on the glowing glitter shores of
Mushroom Land

the awesome polymer Pegasus (named Miss Peppermint) was made by this etsy seller...

where mice are small and ice cream is tall, and comes in glittery flavors

anemone & clownfish eggs (this is a brooch)

glowing mushroom land where cats are mermaids and anemones are garden plants..

where mama mer-cat watches her baby bears blossom from frangipanis

where the pegasus sit on fairy rooftops

Mushroom land was made with neon dreams. pipe cleaners. star beads. rainbows. glow in the dark moon and star. roses. jewels. clownfish. flamingos. mushrooms. glitter. ice cream & fruit erasers. hello kitty. little bears. pink elephants. plumerias. cat mermaids. pom poms, LED lights, scrapbook paper. a flowery scarf. blacklights.

and cute neon glittery mickey& minnie mouse figurines ..

Thanks for joining me on this magical trip!
~kelly xo

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