Sep 17, 2012

Last Hurrah of Summer

We are less than a week away from the Autumn Solstice.. 
I feel like I barely just planted my garden, and now its all over :(
And its not like we weren't taking advantage of every minute of it...

The sunflowers are all dry and eaten now... pool is also closed and covered

Had a visitor one morning, just hanging out on the sunflowers

 The gold finches really loved the sunflowers too and gave me these great shots 
while they ate their breakfast with a view of the CN Tower

heads or tails?

 Banana pepper and flower

Going away for a few days means finding tricks to keep your plants watered...

 also putting everything out of direct sunlight.. our balcony gets blasted with it until 4pm
 mon petite chou!!! un deux trois
They dont look all that big, but I assure you they are huuuge!
 lettuce tray was also full 
 then off to my Moms for a couple days..her garden is a retreat for us!

 also a wildlife reserve, she has regular visits from many birds, squirrels,
 chipmunks, rabbits, turkeys and even a fox. 

 Craig always finds a walking stick to whittle while hes there

 I wish I could have captured the essence of this moment. It was so quiet, and the breeze was so still, 
the sun was perfectly peeking through the rose arbor, and all these flying ants were coming up out of 
the grass around the fountain. They looked like little fairies and they just danced about in the sun..

fairy ants really dont swin so well :\

 Then I got lost in the colors

Went for a walk in the woods the next day, to the Bleasedale Boulder,
 a 2.3 BILLION year old rock that is just sitting in the forest by itself.
Craig always climbs it to the delight of other tourists

These are macro shots of the quartz that you can see on the boulder. 
The only adjustment in these colorful pics, is the saturation.


 A gaggle of big and baby turkeys!

and then back to the city to water my huge cabbages.
Summer baby you left too fast...

venus and the moon

~kelly   xo

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