Oct 27, 2012

More Mad Hatter Nutcrackers

Once upon a time... or something like that..
I made an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter nutcracker.
Then I missed him, so I made 2.5 more :)

These two guys have been hand painted to match the design I did last year

Even the faces needed painting, and hair had to be glued on

 They've got little purple teapots with them, and tiny tea cups

and mushrooms and flowers of course..

and even a white rabbit and a few sprigs of grass

You can find these regular sized guys in my shop (#1 is up for sale first)

and totally un-necessary, but kinda cool.. they glow under blacklight

(^that Cheshire cat is a brooch that will probably also be in the shop)

the little one is just so cute..

I decided that the best way to find the perfect home for him is to do a giveaway!

You'll have to go to my facebook page to find out all about that.. 
very easy, just 'Like' my page, then leave a comment on the post.
You can comment as many times as you like, but you cannot comment twice in a row (aka no spamming)

~kelly xo

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