Oct 22, 2012

Rainbow Crystals

I've been a busy little elf in my workshop.. 
After trying to work on dioramas all summer, and having no inspiration, 
Im finally being flooded with ideas and urges and Im trying to keep up!

While on a break today I saw that there were rainbows on my floor
 so I (of course), grabbed all my crystals for a photoshoot

our new large amethyst point 

the flourite crystal that I got as a bonus with my triskele necklace that I ordered from etsy a while back.. 

I did change the hue on this one:

and some swarovski crystal necklaces with moon charms

amethyst moons and raw stones with star, sun or moon charm. 

labradorite triple goddess

I'll be adding these bracelets in the upcoming weeks!

 Good Crystal Witch

Purple Soul Mate necklaces

Amethyst Eye of Ra

Silver and Gold Buddhas

Gold unisex Sun necklace

Some haircolors of the past year saved neatly in little bottles...

Haircut necklace (my own)

my love and his 10.5 month old beard (for charity)

some beautiful fall colors

Lots of stuff coming up soon! 
Mad Hatters and another (very different) facebook giveaway!
~kelly xo

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