Jan 1, 2013

Mystical Crystal Altar and Witches Table: A post for the already gone...

Happy New Year!
I had a great holiday season.. super busy with the shop (doing what I love!)
Lots of great ideas flowing, excited for new things and improving the old..

I spent my Christmas working on this fun little altar..

I love how this one can hang on the wall.. I think Im going to make it so all my future dioramas 
have wall mounting capabilities...because this is too cute 

The bottom shelf has a large amethyst chunk, a piece of rose quartz, a new jade knot
a tiny lemurian quartz in a bottle and a piece of Fulgurite 
(a quartz formation from where lightening has struck, melting the sand together into a hollow tube )

the top makes a nice extra shelf for crystals, or a candle 

I always love to add as many extras as I can, so
it comes with a little key and moon charm..the cabinet doesnt lock,
its just more of a little talisman to carry with you, so you will always remember your altar 

Glow in the dark crescent moon!

and a removeable antique corked bottle of white sage.
(in the back left corner) 

This next one was supposed to get posted around halloween, 
but it never made it to the blog before it sold!

Witches table miniature 

a little bottle of lavender that you can still open to smell..

a skull, pentacle and raccoon tooth

I used glow in the dark hot glue, so it looked very cool at night (this is under black light)

I plan on making a lot more dioramas and altars in the new year... 
I was able to lower the shipping costs by taking away the need for insurance 
so most of them can ship to the US for around $12- $15!


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