Jan 26, 2013

Sometimes its good to be negative.. and GIVEAWAY!

Poking around my room this morning after re-discovering the negative function on my camera :)

quartz points

little gnome holding a stone 

merkaba crystal

witch ball from my Mum

grandmother statue

bones and bottles

And to think, I almost didnt buy that Pirhana in lucite...it was my mom that made me get it!!
Hooray Mah!
(FYI - Mah = my mother, Mum = Craigs mom)

Vintage apothecary bottles

mermaids, turkey feathers (from a turkey that used to visit my moms yard)
 dried rose bouquet from my love, and Miss Van

vintage card

romeo+juliet (the movie, 1996) altar 

tiny tea cabinet

my pink 80s stereo that didnt even have a rewind button... only FF, stop and play.

turtle tank


(my gorgeous dreamcatcher by Bree ~ MoonUrchin Etsy)

bamboo in a pop bottle

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