Jan 17, 2013

Unicorn Pegasus Altar

My mom found this cabinet for me a while ago.
 It has been sitting in my studio for over a year, waiting for inspiration.

I like to work on a smaller scale.. so this was a bit of a challenge since it is a foot tall..

I started by painting it my usual colors, lavender and purple... 
and then coated it with micro purple glitter

I wanted to include enough 'pieces of flair', but also leave room for other things to be put in the cabinet
( I picture someone with a glass unicorn collection buying this :)
and yes, I also have a glass unicorn collection.

The little bead in the bottom left corner.. her name is Peggy.
I bought her from a lady in Australia. Peggy lost her wing, and then I performed a bit of a surgery on her other one. Peggy can no longer fly, and she needs special care, that is why I included her with this cabinet. I figure that the person who buys it will be full of love, and know exactly the kind of care Peggy needs :)
The altar is full of amethyst, two pieces of fluorite, opalite, blue lace agate, rose quartz, clear quartz and a moonstone ring that I wrapped around a quartz point.
As well as mother of pearl, shell , and coral.

Pieces of mystery; glow in the dark unicorn horn, pegasus feathers, lavender unicorn tail hair, and glittery mixture of stars and dreams

A touch of fire element with a flickering LED candle covered in opalite chips.

Tea stained fire burned newspaper snippet about the lives of unicorns
"Unicorns like to be alone. Home is often one of those special places deep in the a wood that gives you goose bumps when you walk into it because it's so still. There's usually a stream or waterfall nearby where they can drink and splash about merrily. The place may also be decorated with beautiful wildflowers. That's because flowers sometimes spring up where a unicorn has walked." 

a key necklace to wear so that you can always remember your altar 

Unicorn club card on the bottom:

Glittery Pegasus on the back side:

crystals on top not included..

See the listing here:

~kelly xo

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