Feb 22, 2013

Witches table and Tarot Crystal Keepsake box

I dont know if its my cute new ghost earrings, or my creepy tombstone rings...

but Ive been in a spooky mood recently!

I made another little witches table...

tiny book of spells, tree branch chalice, purple potion bottle and glow in the dark mushrooms!

see the full list of stuff  here:

and then I made a Tarot Keepsake box!

Sailor Moon would be proud..

Seafoam and purple, glittery moon and stars 

a tiny shelf with bottles of Frankincense, Myrhh, Lavender and White Sage, 
Celtic moon, owl and citrine stone

The Feline Goddess Bastet, a wire wrapped Sugilite stone, Brass Ganesha statue, Quartz point, and fluorite

Comes with an antique plated key, with moon and Eye of Ra charm
and a 12x12 white altar cloth with gold suns and moons

See the listing here:

lots more stuff coming soon!

xo ~kelly

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