Dec 7, 2013

Pastel Demon Worship

Sometimes I forget that Im obsessed with painting tools for summoning demons...
(this is my tarot box, which Im still working on and hope to finish soon)

 Truth be told, I have never used a Ouija board in my life (maybe once? I dont think it worked)
But they do lure me in...

But so do little ketchup and mustard bottles, 
and I've never actually tried either of them
yes, I am a full grown human and have never tasted mustard.
( I did dip my fingertip in ketchup a few years back... I had no idea, it was sweet!?)

Back to the dark side... or the light side...whoever is the 'right side'... right? ;)
whos counting anymore..

I still cant decide it its because Im just in love with all things texty
(I spent rainy summer days with my cousin tracing out all different bubble fonts, 
other nights with another cousin, cutting bright bold letters out of magazines
and making signs for our bedroom doors)

Or maybe it was because my two favorite books series were R.L Stine and the Babysitters club, 
thus marrying the Halloween-meets-Easter style that I am drawn to.

(with a sprinkle of cheap plastic valentine)

I think I love the symbol of the Ouija board so much, because it is such an evocative symbol, 
and it commands respect.
Those who played with it, remember playing with it.
It taught them a powerful lesson.

(link coming)

It takes a healthy knowledge of both, to really know either.

I guess the only thing left to say is:

It is whatever you say it is.

peace! xo

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