Dec 24, 2011

Upcycled & Recycled Crafting ~ The Peppermint Fairy

I've been so excited to finish this project!!
Its been on my plate now for 2 years, and it really had me stuck.
I didnt think it would end up as great as it did ..

Meet the Peppermint Fairy!

with gingerbread in his cocoa, mushrooms and moss growing on his hat...

he pays tender care to his peppermint tree...
the source of his power as a Peppermint Fairy!

as he flys overhead and around, his little feet tinkle with the sound of bells
and peppermint candies fall to the ground

Best of all, our delightful fairy man is made mainly from upcycled and recycled materials!
His wings were from a garden butterfly decoration, I just added much more gold glitter and poly varnish to make them more fairy-like and crinkly

All of the ribbon (on his hat, belt and feet) is from scraps that were saved from previous gift wrappings, given and received..
but his biggest secret ...

that hes just an empty 591ml bottle of coke!

I filled him with glass stones to make sure he weighed enough to not topple over.
his head is a christmas santa ornament, hot glued onto the cap.
(make sure you have the cap on so the legs are lined up in front if you are doing this)
His arms are fuzzy pipe cleaners that have been folded in half and wrapped in ribbon, held in place with wire around the bottle neck

His hands are upcycled from a Halloween necklace.
I had to paint and glitter them to make them a little less creepy looking
The long dangly fingers are perfect for his size.

This candy cane I got from a bag of decoration supplies left in our laundry room.
People bring things and leave them there when they are still working or in good enough condition to escape being thrown out. The little bow on his hat and the holly and mushroom on his beard are also from this found bag of goodies.

His legs are paper towel rolls that I cut and taped back together with movable knees.
His pants are an old christmas stocking that I decided it was time to recycle.
I cut flaps in the coke bottle with an exacto
(smaller that the diameter of each individual leg)
and then just shoved them in as far as they could go.

his clothing is a cut sock just fit over the legs and the bottle,
(I did buy new $1 socks for this, but you could use a sock that is missing its mate)

his feet were made with recycled canvas that we had on our balcony
(graciously sewed by my hubby, since I cannot work a sewing machine and he offered since he was already on it making something)

And there you have it!
I'm so pleased with how he turned out, and even more pleased
that he uses materials that are considered to be waste.
Everything has potential, you just have to be willing to see it :)
Merry christmas!!
~kelly xo

Dec 18, 2011

Keeping busy

I hate keeping secrets from you <3
I promise to post about the THING on Christmas day..
Its not that special or anything, I just want to share it!!

As for right now, Im trying to make a necklace for a christmas dinner party,
and its just not working out :\

I can never be creative when Im being a sad panda...
Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of my Grandmas death,
and today would have been my Dads birthday..
Im missing Craigs Mom and the thought of her fabulous dinner spread
and Craigs Dad and his banter about the music or the tree or whatever...
Its so strange to not even be 30 yet, and have lost 3/4 of our parents.

~kelly xo

Dec 13, 2011

Darkness falls

Its the dark days of winter...
you can tell, because my hair has gone from bright pink to a dark purple-pink fade.
A time to go within and reflect on yourself and your life.
Emotions buried deep within will come to the surface to warm up...
dont be scared of them, invite them in for some hot cocoa and a chat,
they'll be gone soon enough..

I love darkness... I love daylight too, but I was born at 11:20 pm,
I am a night owl through and through...

Born on the waning crescent moon (like my logo!)
I love the black blanket sky, the twinkling lights

The dark is soft and cozy, all encompassing. You can see things in the dark that you normally cannot see in the bright daylight

I can make the stars shine on my walls, spin all around

Some colors go to sleep in the dark, but others come alive...

Jello enjoying a nap in his technicolor wonderland

crystals become lights on their own..

some things look more magical and mysterious

mushrooms grow in the dark
Goddess flags looks so much better lit up and honored with pearls
Even the purple green man likes to party

Its no surprise that we need our friends and family the most right now...
dont let the holidays get you down..
let go of your expectations,
remember your commitment to healthy living
balance yourself by having a treat when you want it.. its no time to beat yourself up.

Ive been a very busy bee, but I cant tell you anything Ive been working on until
AFTER Christmas.... I cant wait to show you my recycled work!
~kelly XO

Dec 1, 2011

Deck the Halls + My First Diorama

Oh yesterday....
Started off on the wrong foot...
Heard the mailman come and drop a package in my door...
it was the one I had mailed to the UK 2 days ago!

Luckily I had to go back and mail something else anyway...
Look outside, and the first blizzard of the year looks like its happening
OH well, got everything sorted out, came home and put on some old Christmas records on.
Yes, I mean old vinyl.
Did I never show you our dinosaur?

Dean Martin Christmas, Perry Como, Kenny & Dolly, ELVIS.... oh yes

so I got out the box of decorations, and my day got a little brighter...
woke the dog up, and laughed till my tummy ached ...

Started putting out all the Christmas tchotchkes that I have..

Found my very first diorama! I was so excited to show you!
I was probably 5 or so when I made it (just going by the drawing in the background)
Its a medicine tin (dad always had TONS) with green construction paper, and some Christmas cupcake toppers. I think that other santa is some kind of collectable, its very thin plastic and its hollow, so its somewhat delicate.
My lovely tree and flower in the back.. Maybe I wasnt feeling the season back then..
Back to decorating the house. We're not putting up the tree this year....
A little bit out of mourning for all our lost family members (my Dad, and both Craigs parents)
and a little bit because we are getting new windows in the near year, and Im already stressing about having to move all that stuff around...

I was sad that I wouldnt get to display our ornament collection though... every year we do a photo ornament, and we each buy one other one that we like.. so I rigged up this bamboo stick and displayed them over the doorway!

We have this awesome ornament that let us record Grissom saying I love you..

Buddha loves christmastime
Christmas for me is not so much about the gifts, or the whole Jesus thing (raised Catholic, currently... Enjoying all Cultures and aspects of life :)
For me, its just about remembering my childhood, the smells the music and the decorations...
See, this is why single pane glass windows are not good. Yay '60s architecture!

The stockings are hung by the fig tree with care
Santa Bear sits under the kale plants

Frosty welcomes the snow

Holiday trinkets abound

Mr Hanky says Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night :)