Sep 30, 2011

Crow Skull & Bear Claw necklaces

I just wanted to point out that is it yours truely that is modeling these necklaces
from mrd74 on etsy.. I sent appreciation photos and he liked it so much
he asked if he could use it for future listings :)

The crow skull necklace is here...
Linkand I love it!
and I love supporting small business! :D
especially ones in canada!

Happy friday everybody! XO

Sep 29, 2011


Ok, this might sound crazy...
but I really dont even mind if I sell my stuff or not.
I check my etsy status everyday just to see how many people "favorite" my stuff and it makes me SQUEEEEEEEEE with joy :D

So having been sick the last few days, Ive been re-cooping my energy..
and then I get zapped like a monster with 100000 volts from an etsyan
(is that what you call us?)

Where do you get the cute little things to put in these boxes? I love your work!
It's very inspiring!

Danielle (click to see her shop!)

*heart flutter*

Im probably like that over eager girl that would call you the hour after our first date or something... but I replied to her right away.

oh gosh thank you! :D
Im a trinket collector, so it really comes from everywhere... LOL The glass bottles are little bead containers, the mushrooms are made from clay, the skull bead is from a bracelet, the books I literally wrote and sew'd together myself, the birdcage is actually from a watch, but it didnt keep time, so I gave it a new home. The globe bead has to be my favorite part though. Its from a pair of earrings that my mom had when I was a KID ( like 10?!) and I always bugged her for them... she finally gave them to me a couple years ago..
I really cant separate my own 'personal affects' and my craft supplies... so I really do put my heart into my stuff :) Thank you so much for the compliments :)

So yeah, Im a huge nerd, and I just love to know that you like my stuff...

oh, and the thing she is talking about?
I want to have you all over for some hot chocolate and homemade crumbly cookies.
Thank you for making me all warm and fuzzy inside

Soup, Sleep and Show and tell...

Hey have you seen my bedroom (aka technically dining room) wall mural?

just spent the last 2 days right here in bed...

I would complain, but Ive got a great nurse who helps keep me warm

and Im about to have some bland campbells veggie soup..
Ive been craving it, plus an Everything bagel with some paper thin slices of cheddar cheese.

And I hear that like, everyone else is sick too... so I hope you feel better!
LOTS of rest, sweat it out, shower as much as you can, and LIQUIDS ONLY for a faster recovery :)

oh and while Im at it... here is a pic of the tat I got a couple weeks ago, finally healed up
The original design is taken from the mayan Temple of the Feathered Serpent..
it was adapted into an ouroboros..
I have no idea who originally did this, but I used their design

hmm... and now after looking that up for you, I see an image from the theosophical society, and Im going to have to do a post about it soon on Its a Gut Feeling
(the other place I blog at about leaning to listen to your gut and intuition, hidden histories, documentaries, occult things...basically all the stuff im into that doesnt pertain to my own works or creation)


Sep 27, 2011

Dreams come true

they really do...
especially when you have a little help
from some magical fae folk..

This potion is for making dreams come true..

Sprinkle a little glowing powder under your pillow and see how you do :)

Sep 25, 2011

Halloween Monsters!

I just could help myself...
I love halloween
and I love crafts..
so I smushed the two...
and created some monsters for you! LOL

Im still seriously debating making a whole diorama/scene with them...

Frankenscary even has a monster lean to him

Sep 23, 2011

If you dream of a mossy fairytale forest...

Once upon a time

In a Kingdom far away..

nightime fell, and golden haired faeries came out to play!

The mushrooms glistened by the moonlight,

the fire and dragon flies buzzed about.

The fire flickered against the pages

your map lead you on this route...

It was a peaceful little space...far far away..

a fairy tale dreamland
ready for you, any day.

Sep 21, 2011

Happy Autumn Solstice!

That really crept up! I didnt even realize it was today until I was trying to remember why sept 21st is an important day.. time really is speeding up huh?

My moods always change with the seasons... putting away all the bright colors of summer
bringing in something cooler and crisper.
My studio is basically just one giant mood board that I keep re-arranging..
so I thought I'd share this with you :)

Took down my frog painting and added these lovely Papyrus wall hangings..
also added a bunch of glitter to the purple shelf to match the hangings
(you can see the reflective bits on the womans hair highlights)

ok, so we've got glitter, mushrooms, teapots, a mermaid, peach and cat teapot..
yup, those are all the basics for me..

oh and then there is always some form of Frida, honey bees and cake..
mini teapot collections... tiny pink elephants

My new glass case setup. I just couldnt put away my cupcake and candy jars,
so Im using them in my jewellery display.
Hello Kitty is there to represent the new HK charms Im working with
(aka adding to everything cute and pink)

Then there is the apothecary shelf.. glass bottles, animal bones, antlers, feathers
and pages from an old italian book (salvaged paper products are AWESOME)

My Alice in Wonderland shelf had been up for a good year or so...
I was inspired to do a Romeo & Juliet diorama after trying to find a place to hang my grandmas sterling silver rosary, and my mums (MIL) cherub glass jewellery case..
this is what I came up with...

In front of the mini boombox
(which would obviously be playing the soundtrack)
there is a mini gun. It was my Dads, its a working cap gun
its an antique, and Im so curious to try and fire it..but alas, Im a weenie
So it just sits pretty in my display box.

Also rearranged the apothecary shelves a bit..

Broken/chipped teacups? Too pretty to throw away?
Hellloooo little pots for baby succulents or anything else that need a wee home!

And lastly, a super hipster photo of our view.
Enjoy your autumn skies!