Aug 31, 2011

Dia de los Muertos Coral Angel

Just listed this angel in my etsy.
I love skulls and roses and wings...oh and color..and silver chains... and hearts...
and coral... I think thats it. Oh, I also love el Dia de los Muertos. The day of the dead.

El Dia de los Muertos ( traditionally November 1st and 2nd) is a two day celebration to remember and honor your loved ones who have passed on. We've lost so many people in the last 6 years. My grandma, my father, my father in law, and this past march, my mother in law ( also our dear bunny and one of our turtles)

The most important thing for my healing has been keep that person in my life in some way. I celebrate dia dos muertos as often as I want, I think about the lessons that Ive learned from those people, what their passing of life has taught me, and how I can improve myself based on those ideas.

One such celebration of roses and oranges and skulls turned into this..
and they will be, forever in my heart :)

LinkLove you Grandma, Dad, Wendy and Roy!
(and Floppy Joe and Mikey!)

Working in Wonderland - Tour of my space

I love seeing the way people decorate themselves, but I think even more I love to discover the spaces that they live in. I want to know what color you paint your walls, what tchotchkes you have around. What makes you feel good and comfortable?...where do you blog from?!
so I wanted to expose myself and give you a tour of my studio space!

This is what my room (and hair!) used to look like. It was our exercise/movie room, and all those frames had our photography in them. I officially took it over May 2010 and repainted

I was inspired by the Pegasus sequence in the original Fantasia,
and She-Ra's Crystal Castle from the 80s

Puppy prints

Chandelier made from ikea bubble utensils. I love this, its now in the kitchen. I alternate chandeliers in my studio. This is my winter one because it looks like icicles

I have every corner, nook and cranny piled high with the things that give me rushes of emotion and inspired thoughts. Its so fun to bring people into my room and watch them look around in amazement like they are in a planetarium.

I can see how it could be overwhelming, but I know where every little thing is..

My collection of mini teacups and teapots

Birdcage sticker

Its never usually this clean.. my workspot

my apothecary wall.. lots of potions, rocks, crystals and some animal specimens

My prized Domo (I won him) my chocolate scented bunny ears,
Frida, my grandmas jewelery box, a porcelain Daisy Duck, and cupcake jar.

This pic of my studio wall looks like my hair did this past weekend!
(back to bright pink now though)

some other pics...

This is the seat that Im usually blogging from, with the dog right beside me.
Behind me are two 4 foot black lights. I have another one right across from me, and two more small ones under my chair, and on my glass side table.
Basically, my studio looks like a club at night

The wall of necklaces and my glass case (all for sale on etsy)

Thanks for taking the tour! Im honored to have you in my nest~

PS. To answer the question as to "Have you always been like this?"
I give you, my room... in 1999:
“Its fun to go poo at her house because even the bathroom is filled with neat stuff”
want more studio pics? check out these posts:
-Happy Autumn Solstice!

Aug 30, 2011

New things

Added some more to etsy today...

this pin was thrifted... brought it home and added "creepy trick" halloween decals and sealed it

Creepy Trick Rainbow Swirl brooch

Real antique keyhole (and original paint) from Trenton ON.
with my own paint and metal embellishments on a lace ribbon. Adjustable ties
Pearls & Lace wonderland mirror necklace

Some of these beads came from a thrifted bracelet, the crane bead Ive had for 4 years (from Arton on Queen st.) and the cord and pendant Ive had for 3 years ( Tibetan shop, yonge+ eglington). This is a fixed length (no clasp) but it should fit around most heads..
I was feeling very peaceful when I made it :)
Unisex Upcycled Om Leaf necklace

Unisex Synthetic Turquoise and silver feather charm. This is on a 16 inch gunmetal chain, but it can be made longer.

Unisex Turquoise Feather necklace

Im adding things verrrry slowly, but I have a whole room full to photograph and tweak before they get the royal blogging.

Aug 29, 2011

Snake Medicine

On a hike this weekend, Craig found a dead baby snake on the trail. Ive been on the lookout for bones to add to my jewelry ever since I found raccoon teeth and a jawbone last year.

This little guy looks like he was a black rat snake, about 7 inches long. His vertebrae are 4mm each... I will definitely be making apothecary bottle necklaces with these!

Aug 20, 2011

the men have spoken!

and you want jewellery just as much as ladies do...

I will try to answer the call!

wearable weird art

When Im working away, or in a creative mood, I like to just pile things together on my desk, and see how they look together. As a crafter who is into scrapbooking, dioramas and 3D things, jewelry, apothecary bottles, painting, sculpting and whatever else... imagine if you will a craft tornado.. this is one such tornado creations.

A swarovski crystal loving, rose, sterling silver wrapped dinosaur
with abalone shell, wing and star charm.

Of course!

Aug 19, 2011

I love little glass bottles

I have a thing for glass and 3D containers. I love being able to see into things and I dream of what I can possibly fill these vessels up with... so far here are some of my favorites from my own creations:


This is Prince Edward Island sand with a double layer liquid (my secret ingredient) to give it a beachy-wave motion to it. Until I can bottle sunshine, this is the best you can get.

Night Skies and Nebulas... this one will be in the shop soon..
Cosmic glitter and stars with real moonstone and labradorite, and sun, star and moon charms

Tea Time Sugar necklace with mini spoon... I love this one so much!

Mermaid Scales
Chubby mermaid charm, abalone and snail shell with a jar full of green mermaid scales!

This one is my personal necklace... its got a feather from my moms budgie, 2 raccoon teeth I found on a hike, and the key is from a shopping trip to an antique store. I am definitely looking out for more teeth and bones on my hikes!

More apothecary bottle necklaces here!