Aug 19, 2011

I love little glass bottles

I have a thing for glass and 3D containers. I love being able to see into things and I dream of what I can possibly fill these vessels up with... so far here are some of my favorites from my own creations:


This is Prince Edward Island sand with a double layer liquid (my secret ingredient) to give it a beachy-wave motion to it. Until I can bottle sunshine, this is the best you can get.

Night Skies and Nebulas... this one will be in the shop soon..
Cosmic glitter and stars with real moonstone and labradorite, and sun, star and moon charms

Tea Time Sugar necklace with mini spoon... I love this one so much!

Mermaid Scales
Chubby mermaid charm, abalone and snail shell with a jar full of green mermaid scales!

This one is my personal necklace... its got a feather from my moms budgie, 2 raccoon teeth I found on a hike, and the key is from a shopping trip to an antique store. I am definitely looking out for more teeth and bones on my hikes!

More apothecary bottle necklaces here!


  1. where did yopu get the mermaid scales? did you make them?

    1. they are a large flake green-blue glitter :)