Sep 11, 2011

Time for spooky things ~ Forest Fairy Apothecary

Deep in the forest, the fairy shaman stores away all the things that make his majik possible..
He is old and his time has come to gain an apprentice!
Do you know how to make fairy magic?

Perhaps you could be the one he is looking for to help take over his shop..

potion bottles made from crystal, coral, glass and pearl line the top shelf, watch for spiders!

a fairy skull, cicada wing, skeleton key and snake vertebra
Our shaman is careful to only collect the things that nature is finished with. This cicada had already passed into the Otherworld, and the snake was one the shaman found on his forest path... a baby, all dried up. Excellent time to harvest the bone energy!

small conch shell, coral and frog eggs.
Our shaman would have traded with a mermaid shaman to get the coral.
Trading and sharing supplies is a very important part of making it all happen.
The frog eggs were collected from a local pond.

birdcage, blue egg and nest, clamshell with phosphorescent potion and a large spoon for stirring
The egg was a gift from mama bird. She knows how much the shaman appreciates her offering.
It will help make many people better!

I wonder what is in the shamans cauldron (the clam shell)?
its some kind of glow in the dark potion... maybe we have to wait for nightfall to find out.

fairy book o' mycology, toadstool aka fly agaric mushroom, bat wing and quartz crystal

sacred sage plant in terracotta pot. Sage is used to purify the air and energy in the room.
Smart of this shaman to grow some!

covered in spiderwebs

butterfly in oval frame, forest floor mushrooms and moss

a birch paper sign with star and moon. Our fairy shaman could have asked a deer for help to peel the birch paper from the tree, then carefully, he painted a sign with ashes and mud.
The moon and star shows that he knows the goddess majik, one that honors life and its cycles of death and darkness.

spider webs, a little friend and a hidden key...

I wonder what this key is for?

You'll have to ask the forest fairy shaman .. he might tell you, but then again.. he might not.
Some things are better left discovered by yourself ;)

This one is sold, but there is a Fairy Witch Apothecary now too :)

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