Oct 7, 2011

Fairy Witch Apothecary

Another creation! I love making these things..
I get lost in 'little land'..

This time, tis a fairy witch's apothecary...

She has a fire for brewing potions,
and a big black cauldron that hangs from the ceiling.

a long silver spoon to stir with,
8 potion bottles made from crystals and gemstones
ready to be filled..

A recipe book for majickal things..
valueble potion making materials..
leg of spider, tooth of raccoon, tail of lizard..
a candle sits atop a skull,
a crystal ball for seeing
a skeleton head key that only allows certain people to touch it,
keeping unwanted people away..

removable flickering fireplace with mossy stones

snake and ant specimens along with a sacred sage plant

a secret hidden key.. protected by a little friend..

Witch's Fairy Apothecary on etsy

and the first one, my Fairy Shaman apothecary

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