Oct 30, 2011

Crystal Moon Apothecary

Once upon a time, my mom had a spicerack.It hung in our kitchen all my life, and it still contained spices from 1984 (maybe sooner)

I need more than 12 spices in my life, so I knew I wouldn't be using this relic in my kitchen...
so I wanted to give it a special repurpose..

I pulled out all of my favorite colors, glitter, stickers and trinkets and went to work...
The result was my first Crystal Moon Apothecary, my first diorama..
what started it all :)

my first tiny crystal potions on a shelf
mini fairy books and crystal skull, globe and scarab beetle

The moon wall bead collage, and the glass earth globe are, of course
my moms old earrings.
I wasn't lying to you when I said I end up putting them in everything!

The key to access the crystal apothecary...
your heart.

It is guarded by a young dragon...
he is more friendly than scary...
Beside him sits my mini tarot, and runes set...
in the drawer, some beeswax candles to clean the air, more crystals and glass stones..

tiny details..

The very centre and inspiration for my apothecary wall.


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