Oct 2, 2011

How to recognize real Turquoise

All stones and gemstones have unique energy and potential healing properties.
For some people, it does not matter whither the turquoise is genuine, or faux.
It is good to know how to tell the difference,
because sometimes you will pay the price for real turquoise,
but you will get dyed howlite.

Dyed howlite on the left, real turquoise on the right.

Turquoise is formed as a secondary mineral... so it forms on other rocks.
These little nuggets show the bumps and knobbies that it will sometimes get, as a result.

Howlite is a more common stone, so you can find them in larger chunks.
These will be irregular in shape, but they have usually been 'tumbled' to achieve
a smoother surface.
The little black cracks are visible throughout the stone, in depth... like stirred through milk.
Whereas with genuine turquoise, it would be growing ON the stone, so these black marks would be more local, not as veined out.
(although you will still see very veiny turquoise, there will be more irregularity in the veins)

Howlite is a very calming stone, it can help with rage and anger issues, and also insomnia.
Wear it close to the affected area. It can also help balance the calcium in the body.

Turquoise is a purification stone.
It is very healing to the electromagnetic energies surrounding the body.
It dispels negative energies and provides protection against pollution.
It is said to unite earth and sky, bringing male and female energies together in balance.

~kelly xo

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