Sep 13, 2011

Gothic Boudoir

Peek into the life of a young Victorian lady who has a taste for the lovely and dainty,
and also the creepy and darker side of life..

Her empty birdcage hangs in the window

Her dressing table and pearl covered seat trimmed with lace..

She hangs a cross upside down and has set a bronze feather alongside it.
A pearl rosary hangs across her mirror

A photograph of a young man hangs on the wall... perhaps her lover?

depending on how you look at it... I wonder who this fellow is?

3 cherubs sit atop her mirror, a gold bow in the center

Under her dresser, a creeping rat! I hope he doesn't chew at her shoes!

she has a tiny button, a key, a ouiji pointer, and some perfume bottles..
a candle is dripping wax onto the skull where it is positioned.
Dried roses all around..

roses, lace and pearls

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