Jan 15, 2012

New, and new old stuff

put a couple things in the store today :)

and back again is the Nefertiti, ankh and eye charm necklace. Heavier quality chain too..

Sadly, only ONE blue eye left...
and I found out that the whole line has been discontinued :( booo
At least I will be well stocked up on brown and green for now.

So... January is half over.. that was... fast.


Jan 4, 2012

I'm living in an Ice Castle with worms!

Happy New Year!!

Wow... time is flying.

well, this is what I was doing at midnight...

I think we were watching LOTR (as usual)
enjoying some well earned comforts ;)

We've been pretty lucky with the weather so far, but the cold and snow finally hit...
Yesterday was suuuuper cold,
which lead to the phenomenon we've dubbed as 'ice castle'

Basically, our windows are single pane, 60's glass that has never had the cauking re-done.
I can see outside between the frame and the glass

you'll notice that all the moisture in our house, has condensed on the windows and FROZEN.
Wheeeee! Its cold as a popsicle in here... no joke..

so pretty though..

then, lucky for us we are facing south, so at about noon the sun peeks over the other building
and heats the place up.

and then the water drips down and either out the un-cawked holes at the bottom
of the windowsill, or it dribbles onto the floor and I have to get out my Sham Wow

We're getting new windows soon... somehow we've lived like this for 5 years though :\
Anyway, all ice and freezing aside, everyone is still quite green in here!

Sadly the kale had to go outside after it exploded with baby aphids

but everyone else is blooming nicely, and it was so nice to have the warm sun coming in..

Sometimes I just go on a little trip around my house and take pictures of it like a tourist..

Now on to the worms...
We've had them for 3.5 years now...

This is a good thing, it really is...but I bet there are some squeeeeeemish people who wont like to see my helpful little pets.. those people should stop scrolling now..


look! Its Frank nomming on some pineapple!
Hi Frank!

So this is my worm bin.
A recycling bin-sized, apartment compost!
Highly recommended as long as you dont mind a bit of maintenance and
playing in the dirt. Im going out on a limb and saying
great gift for a Taurus (earthy-gardening stuff)
So the deal is, you start with some red wigglers and soil..
you feed them about a pound of fruit/veggie clippings per week..
they reward you with some of the best fertilizer you could ever get!
to keep them going, you only have to add shredded newspaper when they look like they need more fiber, water when they look dry, and baking soda
when you turn the soil - every now and then.

I have leftover unused bunny bedding that is perfect, $20 a bag and it lasts forever. This kind comes with baking soda already in it, which the worms in my bin seem to LOVE because they are multiplying like ..rabbits?

They run away as soon as you expose them to light and air, but here are some pics of the habitat

Cool huh? I wont even lie, the 'emergency prepared-ness' in me was like MAN, these worms will come in handy should we have that apocalypse!

Not to eat them fear factor styles, but to fertilize my already growing fig tree, and my POSSIBLE avocado sproutling... I'll keep you posted on that one.

Hope you had a great holiday season... now its back to the grind of winter..
But at least we gain a few precious minutes of sunshine everyday..
~kelly XO